Quality Omega-3 Nutrition

All of Daybrook’s fishmeal is processed using the application of our low-temperature indirect drying process. Daybrook is the only fishmeal manufacturer in the United States using this advanced technology. Gentle drying is critical for the manufacture of highly digestible fishmeals. Protein has long been the standard for determining fishmeal value; however, protein is only a partial indication of quality. Sophisticated feed formulators know that digestible units of protein are the key to nutrition and the measure of value. Our primary customers purchase fishmeal from us on this basis.




Daybrook Quality Fishmeal and Fish Oil provide the same essential nutrients to farm-raised fish as are consumed by wild-caught fish. Daybrook’s products are used in salmon and trout feeds as well as those of other species, such as tilapia, char, sea bass, barramundi, redfish, hybrid striped bass, sturgeon, koi, sea bream, flounder and cod. Inclusion of fishmeal and fish oil in aquaculture feeds ensures healthy feed conversion, providing optimal growth of farm-raised fish.


Pet Foods

Prized for its omega-3 fatty acids, Daybrook “PF” (Petfood Grade) Menhaden Fishmeal is processed specifically for the pet food industry. The fat levels in the fishmeal are 20% higher in order to increase omega-3 availability. After processing, Daybrook PF Menhaden Fishmeal is specially treated with natural antioxidants to preserve the “all natural product” status required in high-value pet food products.


Animal Feeds

The superior digestibility of Daybrook’s LT Prime Fishmeal is preferred by many feed formulators of early stage pig feeds to help piglets grow faster. Additionally, weaning pigs assimilate diets with fishmeal and mature in a much more healthy environment than when fed just plant-based proteins. Daybrook LT Prime Fishmeal provides essential nutrients in agri-feeds.

Meeting the needs of our customers has always been paramount for Daybrook.

Our process enables Daybrook to provide customized products required for specialized diets in various high-performance feeds. At Daybrook, we pride ourselves in offering high-quality products with optimum freshness.

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