An Integrated Fishery

Daybrook maintains uncompromising attention to the quality and freshness of our products. Our exclusive suppliers utilize onboard electronic refrigeration monitoring systems and an intensive vessel maintenance program to ensure delivery of our fish to the plant in “just caught” condition with no time lost for mechanical breakdowns. The process is streamlined to make certain that fish catch is transported, unloaded, and processed under optimal conditions.

Innovative Capabilities
Daybrook’s fishmeal is manufactured using a technology that provides gentle drying and ensures the highest standards for digestibility and freshness.

Our production operations are strategically located in Empire, Louisiana, about 60 miles south of New Orleans, near the mouth of the Mississippi River. From the refrigerated holding tanks of our supplier’s vessels through the production process, only fresh whole fish are used to make fishmeal and fish oil. The only by-product of our process is water vapor.

Unparalleled Quality
Immediately upon arrival at our docks, the refrigerated fish are tested for total volatile nitrogen (TVN), as a beginning measure of freshness to optimize our production process. Samples of whole fish are collected from the refrigerated hold of each vessel and sent to NOAA Fisheries for biological evaluation under their inspection program.

Daybrook is AQSIQ-Certified for the People’s Republic of China and certified as a GMP+ facility, enabling export to EU member countries. In addition, our company is certified kosher by the Orthodox Union and complies with the rigorous Responsible Supply Standard inspection programs of the International Fishmeal and Fish Oil Association.

The Daybrook Process